This Can't Be Everything

by Louder Than Bombs

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Either/Or Records


released May 3, 2011



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Louder Than Bombs Detroit, Michigan

Louder Than Bombs.
Detroit, MI

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Track Name: Frequent Liars
Weigh the world down. How soon is now? You're living in the life of your own lies. You're lying through your own eyes. You come and go, do I even know you? You're breaking backs just to hide. A living lie that you create. You can't hold onto what you needed. You're letting go of your whole life. Who are you anyway? Just as long as you make it one more. Just here to get yours. Always wanting more. Who are you now? My eyes are always so fucking sore. Just like the rest. Just like before. Out of all the things to say, fuck I hope you're not okay. Give you an inch, you'll take a mile. I guess you'll be okay in a little while. There's always something better. There's always something more.
Track Name: Indian Giver
You finally choose to show your face, I wish I could see. When will you understand? It's wearing on me. Keep running yourself to death. Keep running yourself to loneliness. Is there really no shame? You're the only one to blame. It's coming back to me. You let it slip away. How could you let this slip away? We will see how long that this one will let you walk on them. We will see how far this one has taken you, but you're never coming back.
Track Name: King Of Pain
I think I knew who you were some years ago. Here you are shouting sounds I can't hear and I don't know or I don't care. I'm just trying to find some peace of mind. Recover my time and rid these sleepless nights. I don't care if you're coming or staying at home. I'll forget your name as it starts to drone. You're fucking up. I gave this up. You don't deserve my full attention but just for tonight I'll act like you exist. Forget everything you thought you knew and everything between me and you. I lied every time I said goodbye. There was something I wanted that you could provide. So breathe in deep and shut your eyes. I'll forget your name on the day that you die. This can't be everything. This is all I know. But I feel fine.
Track Name: Diligent For
I know I should have told you this before. We're a long way from where we used to be. But all I want is something more. But all I do is give and all you do is take. Forgetting everything between you and me. I know I lied. My heart started beating fast when you told me you wanted to die. This time caught me by surprise. I am looking up and seeing darkness in the sky. Was it everything you wanted to know? Could you be happier now, for everything you left in past tense? You're leaving behind your best friends. You'll make a great one and I swear everything will be fine.
Track Name: Cognitive Patterns
I've sat at home alone in my winter coat patiently waiting to go for far too long. And it's been sometime since these thoughts have crossed my mind, where your words reside. Whispering sweet nothings. It's resonated with me and flows through my bloodstream. I don't remember the precious things, a life of mediocrity. I settle for less. I'll settle on this. I am looking up now and I can't see a goddamn thing. Because I am going nowhere and scared to go back home. Waiting on someone to believe in; I'm scared to go it alone.